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       Join the dots is an art and craft programme that caters to the art and creativity period in schools.
     Many researchers view creative thinking as the pinnacle of cognition as it enhances the power of reasoning, judgement and problem solving. To facilitate creative thinking, we introduce new concepts and techniques in art to children through thoughtfully planned individual art kits.
    These kits come complete with all materials and instructions required by a child to complete an art project. This ensures that the parents and craft teachers do not have to worry about sourcing materials for craft. We have also incorporated topics from the Maths, Social Studies , English and Science syllabus to develop on the theme of a kit.  For example, the 'Seasons Box' helps children recall the names of the seasons that they have learnt in class. All kits when completed become useful products that can be used, like a photo frame, a knots and crosses game, greeting cards,scarves, a box, bookmarks etc. Each kit contains age appropriate activities and materials. Products like scissors are not supplied in kits  to children below class 3.

Schools that we are currently supplying to:
 1. Lady Andal Venkatasubba Rao Matriculation Higher Secondary School (Class 1 - Class 8)
 2. Sir Mutha School CBSE (Class 1 - Class 9)
 3. Sir M. Venkatasubba Rao Matriculation Higher Secondary School (Class 1 - Class 5)
 4. Pushpalatha Vidhya Mandir (Tirunelvelli) CBSE (Class 4 - Class 8).
 5. “Sherwood Hall”

Mentioned below are some of our creativity kits:
 Class 1 It's Me ( Children make a Name board for their room or desk. Myself is the topic.)
         Farm Pen Stand (Children make a pencil holder with farm animals and their sounds)
         Happy Holidays (Using basic shapes children make cards for the holiday season. Shapes like           triangle,rectangle,circle)

 Class 2 Tic Tac Toe (Children make the game knots and crosses. They use measurements)
         For All Seasons (Children make a keepsake box with the seasons Spring,Summer,Autumn, Winter and Monsoon)

 Class 3 Message in a bunting (Using shapes they create a bunting)
         Bug's Life (Eco friendly materials are provided and they make Insect Magnets)
         Memorable Months (Children make their own calendar for 2014. Months/days is the topic)

 Class 4 Mark that page (Children learn to make interesting bookmarks. Encourage children to read)
         Grow Greens ( Children are thought to grow greens. Emphasising nutrition.)
         Matrix game (Children make a game. They use division,multiplication and measurements.)

 Class 5 Quilling a Memory (Children learn technique of quilling. Topic is ART)
         Tie and dye (Children learn the age old craft of tie and dye. Topic is Patterns and Symmetry)
         Time will tell (Children learn to make a Sundial. Topic is time,angles.)

 All kits which involve paints, clay etc.. Come with rags,plastic sheets to keep work area clean etc..

Class 6 upwards we have
 1. Block and wrap (they make customised giftwrappers.)
 2. Bag of Knots (they make shoe bags without sewing. They also learn to recycle.)
 3. Face Off (they make masks.)
 4. Frame It (they learn to spruce up and use an old photo frame.)
 5. Plan of Action (they make their own schedule boards.)
 6. Lock and key (they make keychains using various materials.)
 7. Shopping tribe (they make warli art designs on canvas bags.)
 8. Spooks and Spirits (they use natural ingredients like turmeric and make an art piece for the cover of a folder.)
 9. Magnet Magic (they use magnets and create their own fridge magnets.)

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